Utusan Business Awards, organised by Kumpulan Utusan, is an award to recognise existing and upcoming organisations, and their contributions to the Malaysian economy. In line with our Government’s commitment to develop homegrown enterprises, Utusan Business Awards seek to inspire and encourage local businesses to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services to the world.

To encourage businesses to soar beyond its usual boundaries, these awards will be presented to deserving local enterprises for excellence and exceptional performances in areas spanning across sectors. This award not only recognises businesses which perform well with bottom line but also those who clearly anticipate the future needs of society in the economic sector they operate. An enterprise that understands how to adjust its operational procedures to meet environmental concerns and, in the process, expand its profits, will undoubtedly stand out.

The Utusan Business Awards were established to promote excellence and stimulate positive competition, showcasing the achievements attained by outstanding businesses with the following key objectives, to recognise the role and contributions of outstanding businesses towards the nation and the economy, to encourage local enterprises to continue developing and elevating their businesses, to motivate and inspire home-grown businesses to aim for excellence in their products and services and to celebrate and highlight the achievements of local enterprises that have contributed to the growth of the community and showcase its products and services to the world.